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  Welcome to Minlaton  District Early Learning Centre  
Our Vision
Staff and families of Minlaton District Early Learning Centre work together with the community to provide a safe, caring and learning environment which caters for the needs and fosters the development of all children.


Service statement of philosophy

The Minlaton District Early Learning Centre values the uniqueness of each child and in partnership with families and the community fosters children’s love of learning.

Educators do this by:

  • Building on children’s present knowledge, interests and abilities and taking account of their learning styles.
  • Involving families and the community in children’s learning.
  • Providing a secure, play based environment so that all children are confident to explore.
  • Fostering children’s social and emotional development.
  • Using reflective practice to continually improve and challenge children in their learning.

Values: Friendship, Honesty, Respect, Confidence & Happiness


We program using The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia; Belonging, Being and Becoming. 

The framework conveys the highest expectations for all children’s learning from birth to 5 years.
It communicates these expectations through the following four Learning Outcomes.

Children have a strong sense of identity
Children are connected with and contribute to their world
Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Children are effective communicators

The five dispositions we concentrate on are

Getting along

  We hope that the time you and your family spend with us will be mutually rewarding.
If you have any skills or particular interest areas, such as music, cooking or craft abilities, we hope that you can share them with us to enrich our program. We believe that parents are the first and best teachers of children and that more learning takes place when home and Kindergarten share in the experiences. To foster this we encourage parents to come in on rostered days or when it is convenient to share our activities.
We would love you to become involved in activities such as story telling, dramatic play, puzzles, games,
excursions etc. as well as helping with working bees and fundraisers.

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Janet Stephenson



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1 West Terrace
Minlaton, SA 5575
(08) 8853 2301
(08) 8853 2325
Yorke and Mid North
Kindy Director

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Feedback and Complaints

Let us know if you have feedback or a complaint, or if you want to give us a compliment. Feedback is valuable as it helps us shape our services to meet your needs.

Our parent guide to raising a concern or complaint (word 901KB)

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Occasional Care Playgroup
10.00 - 12.00
8.45 - 11.30
8.45 - 3.00
8.45 - 3.00
8.45 - 3.00
8:45 - 11:30am, 12:30 - 3:00pm

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  This Centre has an Occasional Care service funded by the State and Federal Governments.
The Service caters for families with children between 2 and 5 years.
We welcome families to use this service on a “now and again” basis. We ask parents to either make sessional bookings a week in advance or ring 88532301 the day prior to - or in the case of emergencies - on the morning of your care requirements. Bookings are essential as our numbers for this service are restricted to 8 with extra placings for 2 emergencies.
Occasional Care children need to bring:
A named bag with:
•a change of nappy/pants
•a change of clothing (all named) in case of water/toilet mishaps
•a hat (named)
•a water bottle
•a healthy snack in a named snack box

Broad aims of our program:
•To provide a Quality Service for all families on S.Y.P.
•To ensure that the children in our care feel safe, happy and confident.
•To ensure that the children enjoy a variety of activities using all 5 senses thus developing physically, intellectually and socially.


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  The Staff and Committee welcome Parents and Care Providers of children under the age of 5 years to attend Playgroup which takes place on MONDAY from 10.00am until 12 noon.
Parents and Care Providers are responsible at all times for the supervision and activities of their own child.
The centre's equipment is available for use, but Care Providers are asked to care for it by keeping it in its specific area e.g. the dough in the dough area, sand toys in the sand pit and puzzles in the puzzle area. We also ask that Parents/Care Providers clean up at the end of the session please.

$1.00 per child which is given to the Centre for covering materials and the cost of running the centre.
Insurance is covered by Playgroup S.A for a fee of $35.00 yearly or $15.00 termly this also entitles you to discounts and a newsletter.
Parents/Care Providers are welcome to help themselves to a cup of tea or coffee for 50 cents/cup.



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Parent Handbook (all policies)
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Food Safety and Healthy Eating Policy
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Behaviour Guidance Policy
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Child Protection Policy
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Skin Protection Policy
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Infectious Diseases Policy
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For more information regarding policies, please visit the DECD Policies and Procedures webpage for Early Childhood Services.

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